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Homerotica (part II)

The newest issue of Homerotica feature 44 pages of new drawings! Don't be a Homerphobe (again)!!!

44 pgs // Blue & pink cardstock cover // Debuted at the first annual 2016 San Francisco Art Book Fair at Minnesota Street Project. Matt Groening approved!



Very rare Homerotica zines! Don't be a Homerphobe!

Reissue with 40 pgs // Yellow, Peach or Orange cardstock cover // Black & white // Made for Printed Matter's NY & LA Art Book Fair // Matt Groening approved!


Dwight The Corgi Zine (LA Art Book Fair Edition)

A corgi awareness project created to spread awareness about the potential endangerment of the Corgi, starring Dwight The Corgi. Save the corgis!

36 pgs // Colored cover // Black & white // Read from right to left // Woof!


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